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The Notorious Fourth Meal

The Notorious Fourth Meal

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We’ve all been there. It’s eleven o’clock, but you still have a considerable number of wakeful hours ahead of you and those three meals just weren’t sufficient. Enter: the notorious Fourth Meal. Surely you’ve done the whole pint of ice cream thing, and perhaps you’ve dabbled in a feast of chips and queso. Even Hillside’s frozen food section plays an important role in the beloved ritual. But let’s think outside of the box. Instead of going for those boring options, consider trying out a few of these more creative combinations to better fulfill the sanctity required of the Fourth Meal.

Honey Mustard Pretzels in Black Bean Dip

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Trust us on this one. Consider this the snack you’ll never have to share since your friends will think it’s weird, but really, it’s one of the tangiest and best kept secrets on campus.

Melted Cheese on Pita

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While chips and queso are often your first thought, you may want to try this healthier taste-alike. Pick your pita, cheese of choice, and with a few seconds in the microwave you’ll have that cheese fix you’ve been craving.

Carrots in Salsa

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Vegetables can make all the guilt go away, and the salsa will keep your taste buds happy. It’s a curious combination, but one you won’t regret. Get rid of their boring reputation and consider this a veggie-revolution.

PB&J Pita

Photo by Saige Hooker

Let the class of a good PB&J follow you all the way to the late-night scene. Switch it up with some pita bread instead of your regular slices, and you’ll be curbing your hunger in style.

Cookie Dough between Milanos

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Even this meal deserves a dessert, right? Go for the chocolate chip cookie dough and get a little crazy with your Milano cookies to create the ultimate Oreo. With one double chocolate Milano on either side of a gooey glob of dough, you’ll have a treat worth hiding from your friends.

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