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Halloween cocktail

Halloween cocktail

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Halloween Cocktail Recipe of of 29-10-2016 [Updated on 23-02-2017]

Last week I was thinking about what should never be missing from a super monstrous party, so I came up with the idea of ​​preparing a Halloween cocktail. Well I simply prepared a Campari orange, I put it in a bowl and served it with a hand of ice placed inside made with a simple latex glove. Daniela, one of the girls who works with me, suggested the idea of ​​making a hand of ice with a joint, and she definitely gave an extra touch to today's recipe!
I accompanied the cocktail with some puff pastry snacks and so I prepared a themed aperitif;) Well friends, I run away because today I decided to be a bit of a tourist in my Naples, I will take a nice tour of the historic center and go to taste some new desserts that some pastry shops in via Roma are offering, then I'll tell you, a basin and a good weekend: *


How to make the Halloween cocktail

A few hours before preparing the cocktail, fill a latex glove with water, close it with a knot and place in the freezer to freeze.

Prepare a syrup by putting water and sugar in a saucepan. Cook until the sugar has dissolved completely.

Press the oranges and once you have obtained the juice, strain it with a colander.
Transfer the juice to a bowl, add the syrup and mix.

Now add the Campari and mix again.

When serving the cocktail, remove the ice from the glove.

Transfer it, together with the cocktail, to the bowl in which you will serve it, add some themed straws and bring it to the table.

Your Halloween cocktail is ready.

Halloween cocktail, aperitif recipe

It will be a success in any case! The important thing is that it is blood red!

After ideas and recipes for the Halloween evening, it is the turn of the Halloween Cocktail, which you can serve as an aperitif or at the end of a meal, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Add a licorice wheel And that's it.

Here is everything you need for the& # 8216 Halloween aperitif for 2 people:

  • Red colored drink, alcoholic and / or non-alcoholic
  • A licorice wheel
  • Two skewer sticks
  • Brown sugar
  • Dark jam (1 tablespoon)

The preparation of yours Halloween cocktail it's pretty easy:

Halloween: three "scary" cocktails to celebrate

Halloween not only children like, there are also many adults who take the opportunity to celebrate. And what can't be missing in a self-respecting party? Ça va sans dire: gods themed cocktails, why not, also non-alcoholic! Here then three recipes of cocktails for Halloween to try immediately.

Spider smoothie

Because of this cocktail for Halloween with a disturbing color green cucumbers and mint will suffice. Of the plastic spiders (previously well washed), placed in the slots of the tray to do the ice cubes, then covered with water and frozen will make this & # 8220 juice of spiders & # 8221 even more frightening. Blend a piece of cucumber (about 10 cm) washed and peeled with 5 leaves of mint and 60 ml of gin. Fill a glass with the previously prepared ice cubes and cover with 60 ml of atonic water and the cucumber mix filtered with a strainer.

Vampire’s Margarita

What is your favorite drink vampires? This blood red margarita, what questions!
Wet the edge of two margarita glasses and pass them in salt, so you get the classic edge of this cocktail. Fill a shaker with crushed ice and 120 ml of blood orange juice, 60 ml of tequila and 30 ml of triple sec or Cointreau. Shake and pour into glasses. If necessary, decorated with slices of blood orange.

Bewitched potion

The haunted potion is a non-alcoholic cocktail for Halloween based on apple cider, with a fresh and fruity taste: a sort of autumn sangria in short. Gather 500 ml of apple cider, 250 ml of cranberry juice, 125 ml of Orange juice (it will take about 2 oranges) and 125ml of sparkling water. Mix well and decorate with apple and orange wedges and cinnamon sticks.

Halloween cocktails: how to decorate any themed drink

The three recipes proposed do not convince you and do you prefer to continue drinking your favorite cocktail? No problem, here are some ideas for decorate the glasses on the same theme. For a bloody edge mix some food coloring with the sugar syrup in a saucer, pass the edge of the glass over it, let it drain and then - when the desired effect has been achieved - put in the freezer for a few minutes to allow it to solidify. A few thin slices of green apple in a transparent cocktail will instantly make it the & # 8220cocktail of Snow White & # 8221. Halloween can not miss zombie: decorate their drinks with gummy candies shaped worms.


The Blood red martini It's a tasty, imaginative cocktail perfect for a Halloween party - a fun way to give our guests the appearance of drinking real blood just like vampires!
It is prepared with vodka and triple sec and the addition of pomegranate juice which gives that very characteristic red color to the drink.
The presence of lime juice instead adds a sour note, ideal for giving a balanced taste to the drink.

1 cup of ice
24 cl of vodka
12 cl of triple sec
12 cl of pomegranate juice
6 cl of lime juice

We combine the ice, vodka, triple sec and pomegranate juice in a shaker.
So, let's let them rest for about a minute.
We serve immediately adding a hint of fresh lime juice.

3 creepy Halloween cocktails, to make at home

Does not exist witches party without decorated pumpkins, treats and of course Halloween cocktail creepy to prepare at home! Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the only truly indispensable ingredient for Halloween cocktails is undoubtedly the creativity. Licorice spiders, pomegranate juice and gummy candies, they will be indispensable to make the most creepy cocktail decorations you've ever seen!
You can combine your homemade Halloween cocktails with a buffet menu or with small finger food snacks perfect for an aperitif. Discover all the recipes for Halloween cocktails to make at home!

1. Halloween Cocktail: Martini and Candy Corn
The candy corn, are gummy candies made with cornmeal and vanilla which, in the United States, represent the symbol of the Halloween party.

• 1 and a half cups of Vodka
• Half a cup of honey
• Half a cup of water
• 1 cup of Candy Corn

Put the candies in infusion in the Vodka and let them rest for a few days (maximum 5) in a glass jar with a lid. Prepare the syrup by mixing the water and honey in a saucepan and heat until a homogeneous substance is obtained. Transfer the syrup to the refrigerator until ready for use. Put in the shaker one part of vodka and 2 parts of syrup, add the ice and shake vigorously, then serve decorating with some Candy Corn.

Cassis cream
Triple sec
Lemon juice
Pomegranate juice
Licorice strings

To prepare 2 cocktails, put 2 parts of Cassis cream, 3 parts of vodka, 1 part of triple sec and one part of pomegranate juice in the shaker. Add the ice and shake vigorously, then strain and pour into glasses. Decorate the Halloween cocktail with licorice strings so that they look like the legs of a large spider.

3. Halloween Cocktail: Chupito and Brain
Did you think you couldn't have a drink with your brain? You were wrong! Here you are a very fun chupito to celebrate Halloween with a cocktail.

5 cl of strawberry vodka
0.3 cl of Rose & # 8217s Lime Juice
200 cl of Bailey & # 8217s
A splash of grenadine

Put the vodka and the Rose & # 8217s Lime juice in a shaker and shake vigorously, then divide the resulting liquid into small glasses. Put the Bailey & # 8217s in a glass, dip a straw inside and plug the hole on the surface with your finger so as to leave the liquid inside the straw. Release the liquid from the straw into the cup a little at a time. The creamy texture of the whiskey cream will look like a brain inside the drink. to finish, sprinkle with grenadine.

A useful advice and fun to decorate your Halloween cocktails, is to decorate the glasses with red edible liquid. Your drinks will look bloody, perfect for witches' night!

Halloween cocktails: more recipes. scary!

By GIeGI | Monday 26th October 2009

Shutterstock Photo | Yulia Furman

Have you ever thought about preparing specials cocktail for Halloween? We s & igrave, because a perfect party must start with a drink on the theme, and therefore also the cocktail they must conform to the spirit of Halloween. You can propose disgusting and frightening concoctions, or a drink with Halloween colors, that is orange and black, or even a special one drink prepared with pumpkin. Again if you make gods alcoholic cocktails the usual recommendations apply: do not overdo it, the right dose is one cocktail per person, and especially after drinking, do not drive.

GIeGI was a collaborator of Buttalapasta from 2008 to 2013, ranging from all types of recipes, with an eye to those of the regional tradition.

& # 9787 Spritz Veneziano, the recipe for experiencing the mystery of the calli

Select, historical brand of Gruppo Montenegro, born in Venice in 1920 thanks to the great experience in the liquor art of the Fratelli Pilla & amp Co. distillery and is still recognized today as one of the true icons ofVenetian aperitif. Among the 30 aromatic herbs that make its blending so unique, rhubarb roots and juniper berries among the most important, you have the irreplaceable ingredient for the preparation of authentic Venetian Spritz. To the bitter-sweet taste, add a large green & rsquooliva.

Fill a wine glass with ice, pour the prosecco and add Select. Top with soda or seltzer and garnish with a large green & rsquooliva. P.S. Until November 22 at the Fondaco dei Tedeschi in Venice, Select celebrates its first 100 years in an exhibition with illustrations by the artist Emiliano Ponzi. A real journey!

Enjoy it with matchstick fries

  • Cooked tapioca
  • 1 C. teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Choice of cocktail: blueberry syrup and lemonade or coffee liqueur and vodka
  • Crushed ice

1. Cook the tapioca according to the directions on the can. We let you choose the proportions based on the number of people. Drain it and mix it with the vanilla extract.

2. Place the crushed ice in the cocktail glass, then drizzle with the blend of your choice.

3. Finish by placing a teaspoon of tapioca on crushed ice and in the bottom of the glass. Your spider eggs are larger than life!

1. In a shaker, place the ice cubes and sprinkle them with the rest of the ingredients. Mix vigorously.

2. Filter the mixture to collect the ice cubes.

3. Pour the black sugar into a plate and moisten the rim of the cocktail glass. Dip the wet edges in the sugar and pour in the pumpkin martini.

Your Halloween cocktail is ready to be enjoyed! And for even more Halloween-themed recipes, here's our favorite selection!


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