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Pancakes with ham and cheese

Pancakes with ham and cheese

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We haven't made salty pancakes yet, but we really like the sweet ones and as we have seen these days on Facebook dozens of variants of pancakes and pancakes participating in the pancake festival, I quickly searched for a recipe for salty pancakes and I found something simple and good on Edith's blog.
It didn't take me more than 30 minutes to bake and dinner was ready. They are delicious with a tomato salad.

  • -3 eggs
  • -115 g flour
  • -1 teaspoon baking powder (I put a teaspoon of baking soda that I mixed with milk)
  • -140 ml milk
  • -100g ham (I put fillet muscles)
  • -80g cheese
  • -salt pepper
  • -a few parsley leaves

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pancakes with ham and cheese:

Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites. Beat the yolks with salt and pepper, then add flour mixed with baking powder and milk. Leave the mixer aside and add the beaten egg whites, stirring gently with a spoon. At the end we add diced ham, grated cheese on a small grater and chopped parsley. In a non-stick pan greased with a little oil, put a not very large polish from the composition of pancakes. When bubbles start to appear, turn with a spatula and bake on the other side. Serve with tomato salad. (Out of the given amount I got 8 pieces.)


- 4 husband eggs
- 240gr yogurt
- 200gr flour
- 150gr ham (from Prague or pressed)
- 150gr cheese
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- salt and pepper to taste
Pancakes (American pancakes) are an excellent choice for a quiet breakfast on weekend mornings. But they are very good at any other time of the day.
You probably all know the sweet version of Pancakes. But there is also a salty version, with ham and cheese, which I will tell you about below. The sweet ones will follow soon :).

As for the ham, you can use Prague ham, pressed ham or something similar, without fat. My family wanted smoked ham :).

From the above ingredients, I think I got 9 Pancakes. It was a little hard to count the boys in the kitchen.

Below is the video recipe.

To be up to date with the latest recipes I invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

How to prepare pancakes with ham and cheese:

I put the yolks in a large bowl, I mixed them a little then I added the yogurt and I mixed at low speed until smooth. You can also use a target because I don't really get along with it.

I then beat the egg whites and added them to the Pancakes composition, mixing lightly with a spoon. I added a little pepper, the cheese put on the large grater and the ham cut into small pieces. I mixed lightly and the dough was ready.

After it was browned on both sides, I took it out on a plate. Repeat the operation until the dough is finished, then you can serve it, preferably after it has cooled a little so as not to burn your tongue.
My family ate them instantly and when they finished, they scolded me for doing too little.
I promise to return soon with the sweet version of Pancakes :).
Until then, increase your cooking and good appetite!
I am also waiting for you on the Facebook page!

Salted waffles with ham and cheese

My husband and I are big fans of salty or sweet waffles, we rarely miss breakfast on the weekends and this only happens when we are not at home and I do not have the waffle maker with me. It's as if I see that in the near future I will slip him in my luggage when we go on vacation. I really wanted a waffle maker, with rectangular plates, the one I had until now baked my waffles or heart-shaped waffles. Well, around noon yesterday, my husband showed up with a large package in his arms that contained a Sandwich Maker SM - 800 and a HMBR - 300W Bowl Mixer, both Heinner appliances. I don't think it makes sense to tell you how much I enjoyed them, any housewife is very happy when she receives such a gift, right?

I told you about Heinner products in this article, I was already very happy with the quality of these kitchen accessories, so I didn't even worry that I wouldn't like these two new appliances. The Sandwich Maker is provided with 3 types of plates: grill, sandwich and waffe / waffles. It is extremely simple to use, the 3 sets of plates are of very good quality, they heat up quickly and bake evenly.

The bowl mixer was no exception. It has 5 gears, a turbo button, 2 hooks for dough and 2 paddles for mixing, and I liked the stainless steel rotating bowl the most.

I used the mixer for the waffle dough with ham and cheese and, of course, the sadwich maker, to which I attached the waffle plates for baking. I got a wonderful salty waffles, healthy and beautiful, I highly recommend them for the school package for the little ones. The recipe for salted waffles is very simple, you will see.

Cheese roll, one of the simplest appetizers

Forget the classic cheese appetizers and try something ingenious: cheese roll. You will get a grade ten dish from just three ingredients.

Ingredient: 450 g of cheese, 100 g of sliced ​​ham, 1-2 donuts in vinegar, lettuce (optional).

Cut the cheese and melt it in a bain-marie. Mix until the composition is homogeneous. Lay a piece of aluminum foil on a wooden countertop, then a food grade (size 20 & times30). Pour the cheese on the foil and spread it in a rectangular shape, no thicker than half a centimeter. Spread the slices of ham on the whole surface, and put a row of donut strips on the edge. Roll the cheese roll in aluminum foil, squeezing it well at the ends, then put it in the fridge. Slice it to serve and arrange it on a festive plate.

Prepare these appetizers with cheese for the Easter meal and pay attention to the presentation you make when serving. The way you arrange them on the set will bring you even more compliments.

Pancakes with ham and cheese

I like pancakes because they can be eaten both as a dessert and as a breakfast in all kinds of combinations and variants. Today I invite you to some delicious pancakes that I prepared for my loves, on a weekend morning, when we manage to serve breakfast together.

Ingredient (for 6 pieces):
& # 8211 3 eggs
& # 8211 140 ml milk
& # 8211 150 g prague ham
& # 8211 80 g cheese
& # 8211 125 g flour
& # 8211 a teaspoon of baking powder
& # 8211 salt and pepper to taste

Method of preparation:
& # 8211 The whites separate from the yolks
The egg whites are mixed with a pinch of salt
Separately mix the yolks with the milk and then gradually add the flour mixed with the baking powder.
& # 8211 add egg whites, salt and pepper and mix with a spoon until smooth
& # 8211 the ham is cut into pieces and the cheese is passed through a large grater and added over the composition

& # 8211 Mix until the composition is homogeneous
& # 8211 grease a frying pan with oil, and take with the polish from the composition and place in the middle of the pan

& # 8211 when holes form on the surface of the pancake, it turns on the other side

& # 8211 are taken with a wooden pallet from the pan and are served with gusto for breakfast or even dinner

Rolls with ham and cheese

Place the cheese slices on top of them. Season with oregano.

Place over the mozzarella slice.

Roll the mozzarella slice back.

When you reach the end, roll all the layers forward.

Hold the roller firmly so that it comes out hard and well pressed. Place the rolls formed on a plate / tray. Put in the freezer for 30-40 minutes to harden. If the edges of the rolls do not attach properly to the freezer, use toothpicks to secure them (be sure to remove the toothpicks before serving).

Put 4 eggs, 2 tablespoons of flour, salt and pepper in a plate. Mix well with a fork or mixer. Put the breadcrumbs in another plate. Put 4-5 tablespoons of flour in the third plate.

Wallpaper each roll first with flour, then with egg and then with breadcrumbs. Repeat the process to obtain a denser layer.

Heat the sunflower oil in a deeper pan to cover the rolls. Fry the rolls as needed to brown nicely on all sides. Check frequently on each side. When you notice that the cheese or mozzarella starts to come out of them then you can take them out.

Serve the hot rolls with various sauces. Consume in moderation.

Recipe video ROLLS WITH HAM AND CHEESE below

Pan-fried Ham And Cheese Pie

For a simple and delicious snack or lunch, I propose these pan-fried potato pies filled with cheese and ham, we ate them with salad, but they can also be served hot or cold. We turn the pie when it is well browned and not burnt. If you liked our recipe for ham and cheese sheets in the pan, don't forget to review it.

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We wish you good appetite and increase your cooking recipe for pasta with bacon and cheese.

Pan-fried ham and cheese pie. Bake each pie on both sides in a non-stick pan greased with a drop of oil over low heat and obligatorily with the lid on. Although we eat a sweet cake muffins for breakfast sometimes we prefer something salty and these quick pies with ham and cheese are the best choice. 1 teaspoon sugar. Pan-fried sandwich with pressed ham and cheese antonela m.

Preparation of the pie with bacon and cheese potatoes in the pan. After you have finished cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair at the salon with babyliss personal care products. 1 teaspoon salt. Slices of cheese.

Add the desired filling and then wrap and stretch with a twist. Ingredients needed to prepare the recipe for pan-fried pies with ham and cheese. The poppy seeds and sesame on top are suitable and give it an extra taste, especially as. Very good this pie and as a nice and delicious appetizer or as a good option to have a picnic on the road or to serve colleagues Sofia and I really liked it told me that it is a kind of giant sandwich.

Modeling baked pies with onion and dill cheese. Leave until the fork enters them easily. When the sauce reaches the boiling point, add the pasta and mix and then add the grated cheese. Boil well-cleaned washed potatoes in cold water.

The dough is a bit more interesting because it is with yeast and has a softer texture. How to make a hot sandwich with ham and cheese duration. If you have unsalted cheese then you can add salt. Fasting pie with extremely tasty onions.

Bake over medium heat in a little oil. The only regret I have is that I did not triple the quantities because only 6 pies came out d. Put the dough on the work table and portion it into dough balls of about 100 g each. Turn off the heat, put a lid on and leave to cool for a few minutes.

450 500gr flour as it contains 1 sachet of dry yeast 7gr 250ml warm water. Pan-fried potato pies with ham and cheese simple and quick recipe pan-fried potato pies filled with cheese and ham. 3 tablespoons oil. Salted pies with ham and cheese quick recipe for breakfast Quick salted pies with ham and cheese for a tasty breakfast.


Loved by the little ones and the big ones, pancakes are always a good choice for a start to the day or whenever we feel like something good. Today I show you how I do it.

Baked mushrooms with emmentaler

I really like mushrooms and I prepare them in many ways, but recently I remembered one of the recipes my mother often made: baked stuffed mushrooms.

Spirals with ham and cheese

If you are looking for a delicious and easy to prepare snack, I found a perfect option: puff pastry spirals with ham and cheese. They are tasty too.

Focaccia with tomatoes and green olives

The focaccia recipe with tomatoes and green olives is delicious, and the fluffy dough, the soft, juicy cherry tomatoes and the rosemary aroma will conquer you from the first.

Strudel with apples and cream cheese

This strudel with apples and cream cheese is fragrant and tasty, perfect to be eaten with a hot tea or coffee. It is a dessert suitable for anything.

Appetizer muffins with smoked cheese

Appetizer muffins with vegetables and smoked cheese is a saving recipe for the moments when you simply open the fridge and use what you have at hand.

Tart with pears, nuts and Roquefort

I said to welcome autumn with a tart with pears, nuts and Roquefort, a classic recipe, a combination of sweet-salty tastes, which complements perfectly.

Pasta pudding with cottage cheese

I don't know what desserts your grandmothers used to make for you, but I can't forget how tasty that pasta pudding with cottage cheese was, which Good Mother used to make for us.

Puff pastry with baked peppers and cheese

The puff pastry recipe with roasted peppers and cheese is suitable for any main meal taken at home or for the package with food from school or work.

Fluffy biscuits with lemon

When life gives you lemons… I don't know what you do with them, but I give you a very delicious idea! These fluffy lemon biscuits are like clouds, easy.

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Salted pancakes & # 8211 how to make appetizer pancakes with tender and soft ham and cheese?

  • Put a pan on medium heat. When the pan is hot, grease it with a little oil.
  • Put a composition polish for pancakes and rotate the pan so that the composition slides over the entire surface.
  • Turn the pancake on the other side after about 1 minute and a half.
  • Put cubes or thin slices of ham and grated cheese.
  • Press lightly and fold the pancake.

From the quantities presented we obtained 18 pancakes made in a pan with a diameter of 24 cm. We prepared the salted pancakes with ham and cheese but they can be customized according to your preference using slices of sausage, salami, a sausage of your choice or another type of cheese. Good job if you want to try the recipe and good appetite! I am also waiting for you on the Youtube channel where you can subscribe for free for more recipes.

Cheese appetizer roll with ham

Cheese appetizer roll with ham

As you know we are Fani Branza and you can't go a week without cooking something with products so dear to us Delaco. This time I prepared this Cheese appetizer roll with ham in combination with Natur- Delaco cheese cream and vegetables and it turned out to be a very good and good-looking appetizer.

But let's not talk anymore, let's move on to the recipe, but not before inviting you to browse the category with Recipe Appetizers where you will find many other ideas.

Ingredients Cheese appetizer roll with ham

500 g (or 450g) Sofia Cheese - Delaco
1 box (150g) Natural Cream Cheese - Delaco
200 g boiled vegetables (I used a mixture of vegetables)
a few thin slices of ham
150g-200g Grated natural smoked cheese
fried sesame seeds
poppy seeds

Preparation Cheese appetizer roll with ham
Put about 1.5 linters of boiling water. Sofia cheese we put it on the big grater. When the water boils, put the grated cheese and wait for it to soften. Turning it over in a strainer would preferably be a thicker one. Divide the contents into two equal parts in a sieve. We put a part between two bags and we stretch it with the twister, not too thick, but not very thin, about 4-5 mm.
On top, spread the cheese evenly with Natural cream cheese over which we will put the drained cooked vegetables (in salted water) and the ham. We put over the layer of vegetables Naturally smoked cheese grated and some of the fried sesame seeds.

I was running as tight as possible. We move the roll obtained on food foil, which we sprinkle abundantly with poppy seeds and sesame seeds, we roll it, pressing lightly so that the seeds stick to the roll, then we wrap tightly in foil, we put the ends and we put the roll in the cold until the next day.

With the other part of melted cheese we do the same (if it hardens and can no longer be stretched do not worry you can reheat again in hot water and continue the process).

My advice would be to have all the other ingredients ready when you start assembling the rolls. So from a Sofia Cheese wheel of 450-500 g we will get two Cheese appetizer rolls.


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