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The Breakfast Club’s New Dinner Series Highlights the Best Meal of the Day

The Breakfast Club’s New Dinner Series Highlights the Best Meal of the Day

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The Allston diner launches a Breakfast for Dinner series

Each menu will feature a different theme and dishes are inspired accordingly.

Many people maintain that breakfast is the best meal of the day. Over at The Breakfast Club, an 80s-inspired diner in Allston, breakfast is what they do on a daily basis. In fact, they love it so much, that owner George Athanasopoulos has started a Breakfast For Dinner series.

The series, which kicks off on Monday March 2, will take place on the first Monday of the month from March through May. From 6 to 9 p.m., enjoy a four-course breakfast with sweet and savory dishes, for $35 a person (includes tax and gratuity; fresh squeezed mimosas and Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout are available at an additional cost).

Each menu will feature a different theme and dishes are inspired accordingly. This coming Monday, enjoy a Lucky Charms parfait, Bailey's French Toast, and the diner's made-from-scratch corned beef hash with cabbage. The theme? You guessed it: St. Patrick's Day!

April 6 is Easter themed with deviled eggs, egg white omelette with grilled chicken, and carrot cake pancakes. The menu on May 4 will celebrate everything spring with spring hash, hummingbird pancakes, and a fresh herb pancake.

Grab your tickets now to their upcoming event on March 2 and enjoy the delight of breakfast without the morning haze.

Lean in 15 recipes: Joe Wicks’ Body Coach meal ideas

Lean in 15 recipes have been developed by personal trainer and YouTube sensation Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, in a bid, he says, to put an end to low calorie diets and meal replacement shakes.

Lean in 15 recipes are Joe Wicks’ body coach meal ideas, and they follow a simple approach. The Body Coach‘s plan gives your body plenty of what it needs at the right moments throughout the day, while recommending regular bursts of high intensity exercise so you’ll never feel hungry and in theory, you should lose weight.

Despite being packed full of carbohydrates, Joe Wicks’ recipes help to shift the pounds by playing a crucial role in helping to maintain your body’s balance because he says, when you’re working hard you need grains and good fats to sustain you throughout the day. In his words, “you haven’t got to come home from the gym and eat a salad.”

The Best Meal Delivery Services of 2021

With healthy picks for singles, families, vegans, and carnivores, we found something for everyone.

Convenient and practical, meal delivery services can save you a trip to the grocery store and get you whipping up some delicious restaurant-style dishes in the comfort of your own home. From the beginner cook to the plant-based foodie, there is something for everyone to enjoy. But that also means it can be a little overwhelming when you're looking to find the very best option for you and your family. That's why we surveyed over 300 people to find out which brands they absolutely loved. Then, we tested the kits to make sure they lived up to the hype. Below, we've rounded up the top-rated meal delivery services, including budget-friendly and vegan options, as well as those perfect for singles and families.

Green Chef was one of the first meal kit companies to become USDA-certified organic. All of the ingredients provided in their kits are non-GMO and free from antibiotics and hormones. The variety of meal plans is where Green Chef sets itself apart, as they offer a range of health-conscious plans including keto, paleo, balanced living, plant-powered, and family plans. One tester remarked, "I really enjoyed the creativeness of the meals that were offered. One of the recipes was quinoa tacos which I never would have thought of making on my own!" Testers also appreciated that some of the items were already pre-made, such as the seasoning blend and cashew cream, which cuts down on cooking time. Portion sizes were decent and cooking/preparation time was pretty efficient.

Gobble's recipes were very tasty and portion sizes were hearty, and some of the ingredients are pre-cooked or pre-chopped to speed up the cooking process. Testers liked the simplicity of the steps in each recipe provided by Gobble, and also remarked that there was less mess involved than other services used. They offer two plans, which include the classic plan and the Lean & Clean dinner plan to suit your dietary needs. The Lean & Clean plan features all low-calorie, low-carb options if you're trying to stay healthy and still want a satisfying meal.

Hello Fresh was the most popular pick by far when we surveyed our database (over 50% of our surveyors used Hello Fresh), and for good reason. They noted that Hello Fresh recipe cards were extremely easy to use and follow, making it the perfect choice for beginner cooks. Compared to other services, our testers found it simple and uncomplicated in terms of following the recipes and efficient cooking/preparation time. Our testers also enjoyed the variety of meals, flavors, and portion sizes. If you're new to the meal delivery kit game, Hello Fresh is a great choice.

Launched by Hello Fresh, EveryPlate is a more affordable meal delivery kit option than others on this list. Our testers loved that the instructions were "simple" and "very straightforward." The flavor of meals and variety scored well, with the ability to choose from 11 different meals that change each week. The packaging also impressed our testers, who remarked that it was condensed and that there was not a lot of excess plastic waste that you would traditionally expect in a box like this. One tester said, "Most of the veggies in this box were just free and not wrapped in plastic which was so nice."

Vegans rejoice! This meal prep kit from Purple Carrot is the answer to your plant-based prayers. Full of completely vegan ingredients, Purple Carrot offers a variety of tasty meals that are also nutritious and packed with vegetables. Our testers loved the variety of totally vegan dishes available on Purple Carrot as well as the flavor profiles. Certain ingredients, like the vegan parmesan and coconut bacon, were delicious plant-based takes on comfort food staples. Ingredients were very fresh, but the prep was a bit lengthy, so this is best for the vegan who enjoys cooking. We also appreciated the pretty recipe book that comes in the box, which you can save and recreate the recipes on your own again.

The OG of the group, Blue Apron was one of the first companies to popularize meal delivery kits. Our testers were impressed with the variety of meals provided and delicious flavor profiles. Plus, Blue Apron provides the recipe cards for future use with the measurements for every ingredient so you can re-create the dishes again. Surveyors also remarked that they learned some new cooking techniques through this service that they were able to continue using. Even our beginner cook testers found the instructions relatively easy to follow.

This meal delivery kit is pre-made and designed by in-house dietitians, so nutrition is a main focus with FACTOR. Our testers were very satisfied with FACTOR overall, they loved the variety of meals and found them surprisingly fresh tasting even though they are microwaveable. One tester said, "They never tasted dry or bland, all of the meals were super tasty and convenient." Since the meals are balanced and just need to be heated, they are great for keeping you on track with your health goals.

Home Chef offers a variety of meal options including classic meals which take about 30-60 minutes to prepare, as well as quick meals which take only 15 minutes to prepare. Surveyors also like the oven-ready meals which come with pre-portioned ingredients and an oven-safe pan. The meals are simple, easy to follow, and flavorful. The step-by-step instructions also have photos for each step which is useful.

If you want the benefits of a meal delivery service kit without having to cook the items, then Freshly is for you. This service features already pre-cooked full meals that simply need to be reheated. Testers enjoyed the convenience factor on these meals as well as the portion sizes. Every meal incorporates meat, turkey, or chicken so this isn't for vegetarian fans, but all meals do contain vegetables. Flavors of the meals were rated as fair and the variety of meals offered was rated as very good overall.

This meal kit from Martha Stewart offers 22 recipes every week which is more than most of the other services on this list. Testers liked that Martha & Marley Spoon had different categories of meals to choose from, one category being "under 30 minutes." The entrees were unique and offered great flavors, and ease of use with recipe directions scored favorably as well. One thing to note was that we almost threw away the cold pack, but realized that inside it has all of the protein be sure to take out the ingredients before throwing the cool pack away!

Known for their smoothie cups, Daily Harvest has expanded their product lineup to include harvest bowls, soups, oat bowls, flatbreads, energy bites, and more. Daily Harvest meals are already pre-made and require either blending or heating. Testers really enjoyed the smoothies best, saying that they were "super refreshing" and "very convenient but also healthy." Plus, you can pour the blended smoothie right back into the cup and stick in a straw, so it's a portable option. Since the items are portioned out, it's perfect for singles or couples that want to eat healthy together. With their new movement to "Give Cooking The Finger," Daily Harvest has partnered with celebs like Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Tabitha Brown, and Kira Stokes who are sick of cooking but still want delicious and nutritious choices at home. While these meals may not be as hearty as other services on this list, they are made from wholesome real foods and are completely plant-based.

Sun Basket features all organic produce and a variety of dietitian-approved meal plans which include paleo, carb-conscious, gluten-free, diabetes friendly, vegetarian, pescatarian, mediterranean diet, and more. You can order your meal kit, but also add on additional items like breakfast items and snacks. Our surveyors liked the portion sizes of meals and said that the ingredients were high quality. Their new Fresh & Ready meals come pre-made in an eco-conscious wooden tray that was convenient and very easy to handle in our tests. The packaging is also recyclable and compostable, which is a big plus.

Hungryroot delivers healthy personalized groceries to your door with instructions on how to whip up quick nutritious meals. Testers loved that practically every recipe took less than 20 minutes to make, and the portion sizes were rated favorably. Variety and flavor of meals was rated fairly, but the vegetables in the kit were very fresh and stayed great all week long. One of our testers who is a long-time vegetarian said that she, "Enjoyed the exposure to a few new ingredients I wouldn't normally purchase, like kohlrabi noodles!"

Do you have IBS or follow a gluten-free diet? Epicured specializes in pre-made nutritious, digestive-friendly meals that are low-FODMAP and gluten-free. We appreciate that the meals not only taste great, but also are grounded in science as the company partners with Mount Sinai and digestive-specialists. Testers loved the unique flavor profiles of the meals and the nice portion sizes. Plus, the meals are pre-made so you can skip the cooking and just heat to enjoy instantly.

Week of Meals: Food blogger and author Jonathan Melendez’s recipes

This is the second installment in a series called “Week of Meals,” which will give you five weeknight dinner recipes with all the planning and strategizing built in. Each meal will make four servings, come together — start to finish — in less than 60 minutes, and require 10 or fewer ingredients (not counting cooking oil, salt and pepper or water). The groceries for all five meals can be bought from a single grocery store in a single shopping trip (remember, we’re looking to alleviate your frustration) and will cost less than $100 total.

Food blogger and cookbook author Jonathan Melendez provides the recipes for this second installment in our Week of Meals series. Here’s how he plans out his weekday meals and what ingredients inspire his food, full of creative spins and mash-ups of classic dishes.

“When I go to the grocery store, I like to make the trip as fast and as painless as possible. I have a rough idea going in of what I want to make throughout the week, but I typically base my recipes on what is on sale that week or what looks particularly good that day. So my proteins will typically change based on what is available.

“I like to think that I have a specific way of picking what dishes to cook, but honestly it’s solely based on what I’m craving. I tend to not eat a lot of red meat on a regular basis and so every once in a while, I’ll indulge in a steak. I’ll normally go for a flat iron steak because it’s easy to cook, won’t break the bank and has a great flavor profile. A simple taco seasoning mix can transform a steak from bland to flavorful without any effort. Just use a low-sodium version so you can control the amount of salt going into your dish.

“I grew up eating a lot of tuna sandwiches because they were economical, and so now as an adult I like to grab a can or two and keep it in the pantry at all times, for those nights when I don’t really feel like cooking. Instead of a mayo-based salad, I like to make a more grown-up version with all of the classic Niçoise flavors in a simple vinaigrette. I’ll pile it into baked potatoes for a satisfying dinner.

“If there’s one pantry staple I can’t live without, it would have to be rice. I often joke that I can eat rice every day, which isn’t necessarily a joke. I love to cook up a batch of long-grain rice on Sunday and then will use it to make a Spanish-inspired paella fried rice with shrimp and chorizo. This dish is always best with rice made a day or two before, as it will have a chance to dry out a bit in the fridge.

“The rest of the week I try to force myself to eat relatively healthy. This way I won’t feel so bad when I’m indulging over the weekend. I’ll focus more on vegetable-heavy recipes, which allow me to use up any produce fighting to survive in my fridge. Sautéing or roasting various veggies like mushrooms and onions, along with a can of black beans, and adding it to a quesadilla is a great filling vegetarian meal without a lot of effort.

“When it all comes down to it, cooking shouldn’t be a tedious chore without enjoyment. Utilizing the grocery store in these clever ways maximizes your time and ensures success in the kitchen.” — As told to Ben Mims

Jonathan’s neighborhood grocery store:
Ralphs, 2675 Foothill Blvd., La Crescenta-Montrose, (818) 249-5448

Here’s everything you need to make the first Week of Meals recipes:

The WELL, New York’s Premier Luxury Wellness Club, Wants To Elevate Your WFH Routine

Everyone needs a dose of wellness and relaxation, especially after the last year.

The ethereal entrance to The WELL's flagship New York City location.

The WELL opened in September 2019 as a luxury, members-only wellness facility in New York City. Founders Rebecca Parekh, Sarrah Hallock and Kane Sarhan, who all come from a background of wellness or business, founded The WELL in an effort to change the conversation around health. The wellness club offers a range of treatments from practitioners across several modalities, including Eastern healing practices and Western medicine. Clients of The WELL have access to the best that holistic healthcare can provide, including entry to lounges, fitness classes, yoga and meditation, acupuncture, sound therapy, spa treatments and access to the top practitioners in functional medicine and beyond.

The WELL's calming Meditation Room.

Since its reopening after the pandemic in early April, The WELL is no longer a membership-based private club and will instead allow people to book one-off sessions or packages without a membership option. Their goal is to allow more flexibility for a greater group of people to take agency over their health. For the first time, fitness classes, spa servicing, programming and the on-site restaurant will be available to everyone through individual bookings.

“We've never believed in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to wellness and this is now more true than ever,” says CEO and co-founder of The WELL, Rebecca Parekh. “Acknowledging how vastly different the implications of Covid-19 have been for each of us, we are looking forward to introducing a model that is more flexible, allowing us to better meet people where they are right now.”

Realtors Will Hate Me For This. But Here Are Five Reasons Why You Absolutely Shouldn’t Buy A Home Right Now

9 Easy Tequila Cocktail Recipes For Summer

Miami Just Rolled Out Its Newest Red Carpet To The Tech World. Are San Francisco And Austin Paying Attention?

The Relaxation Lounge, which features neutral furniture and natural elements.

As many offices are still closed, The WELL is also introducing it “Work from The WELL'' day pass for $250 per day. This first-time-ever day pass includes a lot. Visitors will get a smoothie for breakfast pastry and coffee or tea from Kitchen & Table a complimentary Mindful Movement class, or one hour of private access to the Personal Training Gym day access to the Library, Rest and Recovery Lounge, Thermal Suite, Locker Rooms and Styling Suites three hours of private office space a $20 lunch credit from Kitchen & Table and $50 off any The WELL treatment.

The brand-new Rest & Recovery Lounge.

The WELL is also expanding its medical and wellness offerings. They will be introducing several new doctors and practitioners to their medical practice that specialize in digestive issues, fatigue, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances and more, who are able to create integrated plans for clients.

Kitchen & Table will now offer an all-day breakfast, lunch and dinner menu for both indoor and outdoor dining, plus app-based delivery services. There is also a new Rest & Recovery Lounge with IV drips, percussion therapy and compression therapy new Mindful Movement classes, like a transcendental sound experience spa offerings wellness retreats a skincare package designed in partnership with Biologique Recherche and more. There is also a robust e-commerce site with vitamins, supplements and oils to improve your health even after you leave.

The minimalist spa corridor immediately puts you in a tranquil state.

Not only that, but The WELL is a calm sanctuary with high-level design in which to better yourself and your health. The ethereal space, think comfortable seating, light wood accents and white and pastel hues, is designed to calm patrons.

I am a New York-based freelance writer who covers luxury lifestyle, as well as home design and luxury real estate. I currently freelance for luxury publications on

I am a New York-based freelance writer who covers luxury lifestyle, as well as home design and luxury real estate. I currently freelance for luxury publications on executive lifestyle, spirits, fashion, fine and high jewelry, wellness and private aviation. Most recently, I was at Elite Traveler, a private jet lifestyle magazine, covering trends of the UHNW. Follow my adventures on Instagram @emmarey

This vegan pozole verde highlights the subtly sweet flavors of corn

Pozole verde, the pre-Columbian chile-laden stew, starts with corn. A symbol of life and prosperity in ancient cultures, corn is “undoubtedly the most defining food crop in the history of the Americas,” chef and baker Roxana Jullapat writes in her new cookbook, “Mother Grains: Recipes for the Grain Revolution.”

“There is this idea, I think, in a lot of people’s heads in this country, that all corn is bad,” Jullapat, a co-owner of the Los Angeles cafe and bakery Friends & Family, says. “But like every food, you have to go back to the source. You have to go back to the grain, to the farm, to the grower.”

It’s true that most North American-grown commodity corn, subsidized, modified and fortified, is a far cry from the nutritious cobs that sustained Mayan, Inca and Aztec civilizations for centuries. But it’s also true that you can still find the good stuff. “And it’s important to go looking for it,” Jullapat says, “because if cooks ask stores, stores will ask purveyors, who will ask growers. It starts a chain of demand that can keep these grains alive.”

“Mother Grains” is far more than a book of recipes for cooking and baking. It’s a call to action.

It’s also a primer on barley, buckwheat, corn, oats, rice, rye, sorghum and wheat — all of which are ancient grains. If unaltered by certain modern farming practices, these eight grains support biodiversity. They also thrive in enough areas across the United States to support local communities. “Mother Grains” is a resource not only telling you how to use these grains — It’s also a guide to the growers, their practices and where to find ancient grains in your area.

Hominy is dried field corn that, when soaked or cooked in an alkaline solution, turns soft and pudgy. In its nixtamalized form, it’s most often used to make masa for tortillas. But the whole kernels are a key ingredient in pozole.

For Jullapat’s version, a riff on a recipe her husband, Daniel Mattern, made for her one rainy night, she starts with dried hominy. It’s soaked overnight in cool water. The next day, it’s simmered for an hour until tender. Refreshed hominy is especially toothsome, with a sweet fragrance and an al dente-like chew. To speed up the process, I adapted the recipe, below, to use canned hominy, but Jullapat recommends you seek out cans labeled organic to avoid those containing “the nightmarish commodity corn that has given corn a bad rap.”

Substitutions, alterations, preferences and more:

Fresh, charred poblano peppers give pozole its body and a distinctly smoky, lightly spicy and almost fruity flavor. In a pinch, you can use a 4-ounce can of green chiles instead.

Don’t want to use hominy? Fresh corn off two or three cobs, a cup of cooked rice or a (drained) 15-ounce can of white beans would work instead.

Full of flavor, texture and nutrition, this pozole needs neither pork nor chicken — but you could certainly add a few ounces of cubed meat in with the onions, allowing the stew to simmer until the meat is cooked through and tender.

The only step you shouldn’t skip? Toasting cumin seeds and then grinding them in a spice grinder or with a mortar and pestle. “The flavor and aroma of freshly toasted cumin seeds is central to this dish,” Jullapat writes.

A bevy of toppings offer the option of contrasting textures and flavors: Shredded cabbage, sliced radishes, fresh cilantro and cubes of avocado are a good start. Also good? Tortilla chips, pickled cauliflower, minced chives, crumbled cotija or feta (vegan or not), your favorite hot sauce, a dollop of crema or sour cream or Greek yogurt. Plus, always, lots of lime.

Other than that, fortified with centuries of technique and a balance of nourishing grains and vegetables, this pozole is pretty much perfect.


  • 2 poblano peppers
  • 1 small jalapeño
  • 2 teaspoons cumin seeds
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 small yellow onion (about 4 ounces), sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves, sliced
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves and stems
  • 1 (14-ounce) can tomatillos, drained
  • 3 cups water, plus more as needed
  • 1 (25-ounce) can hominy, drained
  • Kosher salt, to taste
  • Shredded cabbage, diced avocado, sliced radishes, cilantro sprigs and lime wedges, for garnish and serving

Step 1

Char the peppers: If using a broiler, position a rack 5 to 6 inches from the broiler and turn it on. Place the poblanos and jalapeños on a baking sheet broil until they blister and brown, watching them carefully and turning them with tongs until they are charred all over, but still firm, about 5 minutes on each side. To char them over a gas stove, place them on the stove grates and use long tongs to turn them frequently, until each pepper has charred. Immediately transfer them to a paper bag and fold it up tight — or to a bowl, covered tightly with a plate or with plastic wrap — and allow them to steam for 10 to 15 minutes. Peel and seed the peppers, then roughly chop them.


Hungryroot takes a slightly different spin on meal delivery services. The company lets you choose how much food you want to receive, with plans starting at $59. You can shop by recipe or grocery aisle (or a little of both) to build your weekly deliveries. A wide range of specialty diets are accommodated, including vegan, gluten-free, keto and Paleo with a selection broad enough to work for a household of different eating styles.

Right now, Hungryroot is offering 40% off your first delivery of $99 or more, plus a free gift for life—you’ll receive this item for free in every delivery, even if you skip a week or pause your subscription.

Best Restaurants Across Alaska

You won’t be surprised to hear that Alaska’s specialty is fresh fish. Salmon, halibut, and crab—plucked right from some of the world’s most pristine waters—may well be one of the main reasons you visit Alaska.

But here’s the rub: it’s hard to find a restaurant that serves memorable meals. And it’s expensive: even a basic dinner entrée can run you up to $30.

Don’t fret—we’re here to steer you to some of Alaska’s best restaurants. We’ve broken down the dining scene into two categories: local favorites and visitor hot spots. After all, locals know some of the best places, including seafood, steak, pizza, Asian fusion, breakfast, and more. Plus, eating like (and with) the locals can give you insights into local culture. With visitor favorites, you can count on a fun Alaskan experience, like dinner theater, a salmon bake, or an Alaskan buffet served up on an island accessible only by boat.

Of course, after a long day of traveling, sometimes it’s just easiest to dine at your hotel. Fortunately, Alaska boasts some excellent hotel restaurants, and we’ve included them on our visitor favorites list.

Another glimpse into Alaska's food culture is available with Big Swig Brewery Tours and Alaska Farm Tours.

And if you unearth a hidden gem that we haven’t listed, tell us! Email us your favorite.

Do I Get to Choose the Food?

Before you sign up for a meal delivery service, you can preview the menu for the upcoming week and future weeks. In our experience, this is the most important part of choosing a service. Looking at the weekly menus for a few services and comparing them tells you a lot about what makes each one unique.

It's a little like choosing a restaurant. Both the menu and presentation, including pictures of the food and how the company describes it, determine whether it speaks to your taste buds. Just look at the difference between Daily Harvest's stark images of vegetables in a bowl, compared to HelloFresh's colorful plates brimming with warm meals and a scattering of fresh herbs or toasted breadcrumbs on top.

When previewing menus, be sure to check two things. 1) Are there enough menu options each week that meet your dietary requirements, including allergen concerns? 2) Can you see the recipe and instructions, and do they line up with how much work you're willing to do? The recipes indicate what equipment and ingredients you need. It might be nothing more than a skillet, wooden spoon, and salt and pepper. It helps to have olive oil, vegetable oil, and sometimes butter on hand, too. Depending on the service, you might see recipes that call for a slow cooker, though it's easy to avoid them if you don't have one.

In a few rare cases, companies make it hard to see the detailed recipes until after you pay. We like companies that show you everything in advance so there are no surprises after payment.

Once you sign up, you choose which meals you want each week from a rotating selection. If you forget to pick meals, the company automatically selects some for you.

A few companies allow substitutions or offer add-ons and upgrades. Some Home Chef meals let you substitute, say, chicken for shrimp, or pay extra for organic or antibiotic-free meat. Sunbasket sells snacks, breakfast items, and other standalone groceries that you can add to your order. Hungryroot is a slightly-unusual meal delivery service that's part online grocery store and part meal kit service, letting you choose both kits and groceries in every order. Gobble sells add-ons, too, like a two-pack of cookie dough or an extra container of marinara sauce.

HelloFresh's fresh ingredients

Restaurant kits: DIY meals from your favourite restaurants delivered to your home

Foodies are getting their kicks with restaurant kits, which deliver all the ingredients for your favourite meals to your door, straight from some of the most popular restaurants.

Supper clubs are out and restaurant kits are in as the coolest foodie activity right now. Which, until we can go out to eat, sounds like a good way to spend an evening.

Yup, the new plan for date nights, birthdays and anniversaries is, instead of going out, getting dishes from your favourite restaurants delivered straight to your door and making them at your own convenience.

Cult restaurants all over London and beyond have been creating their own kits, which means loyal customers can recreate menu classics at home and still get their fix for the best pizza, burgers, Indian cuisine and more, in town.

We’ve picked out some of our favourites which you can order right now.


Enjoy an authentic taste of Spain’s world-famous cuisine from the comfort of your home with a host of DIY kits from Ibérica.

With Michelin-starred executive chef Nacho Manzano at the helm, Ibérica has earned itself a delicious reputation and has grown to include a fleet of restaurants across London and in Leeds.

We recommend trying the Ibérica feast for two, which includes bread and extra virgin olive oil, torreznos and manzanilla olives, alongsidr toasted bread with tomato and a selection of five different cheeses.

Then it’s time for Juan Pedro Domecq’s 100% ibérico bellota ham, with tomato, avocado and basil as well as roasted onion petals and cantabrian sea anchovies.

If you’ve got room, there’s a whole leg of milk fed lamb to try, gamba blanca de huelva and Ibérica pulpo. Oh, and a creamy Gloria cheesecake for afters.

Goila Butter Chicken

Goila’s founder Saransh Goila says he wants his butter chicken dish to become everyone’s favourite curry, and we can see him succeeding.

Fresh, incredibly tasty and with just the right juiciness, this chicken-based dish is perfect for a Saturday-night feast.

Saransh says the secret is switching up the tomato to dairy ratio (80:20 as opposed to the usual 60:40), the all-important infusion of smoke and only using the best quality ingredients.

The Butter Chicken Experience serves two and includes Goila butter chicken, dal makhani, jeera rice, sourdough naan and pickled shallots and coriander chutney. There’s also a vegetarian version, offering butter paneer instead of chicken.

Mama Chen's Dumplings

Mama Chen’s Dumplings is a wonderful way to practice authentic dumpling cooking at home. It is founded by the lovely Michelle who launched her business in lockdown. She was inspired by her earliest and happiest memories, learning to make dumplings with her grandma Chen.

Michelle’s kits are freshly made and frozen immediately to ensure the best quality and taste, and then delivered to selected London postcodes weekly.

There are lots of options to choose from but some highlights include golden nugget chicken dumplings, the OG wontons and little emperor’s pork dumpling kit.

What we really love about Mama Chen’s Dumplings, though, is that while they taste delicious, it’s also a chance to learn more about Chinese cuisine and support a small, female-founded business. Win, win.


Fallow is the sustainably-minded concept restaurant and meat-eaters dream, with a menu laden full of the best British produce on the market.

While the restaurant gets rave reviews, you can recreate some of the magic at home with a selection of specially-curated DIY boxes.

The corn ribs and burger box, for example, serves up lashings of smoked streaky rare breed bacon, thick and juicy UK dairy cow patties, soft brioche buns for that tastebud-tingling mix of salty and sweet, alongside homemade English cheese slices, signature kombu seasoning and pink pickled shallot for the best burgers ever.

Cubitt House

If you’re on the hunt for mouth-watering, feel-good comfort food, then Cubitt House is what you’ve been waiting for.

Cubitt House is a collection of high-end public houses in central and west London, specialising in the kind of proper grub that makes you say ‘ooft’.

While eating in-house allows you to get the whole experience with a warm welcome, stylish interiors and cosy corners, you can certainly recreate the hearty menu at home.

There’s a selection of DIY kits and each one is as delicious as the last, from the grass-fed beef sirloin box which includes all the trimmings like Yorkshire puddings with roast potatoes and buttered parsnips to the vegan roast and whole chicken feast.


Crispin is the kind of neighbourhood restaurant everyone wishes was just around the corner. Specialising in locally sourced ingredients, independent growers and small-scale farms and producers, the vibe is relaxed and the menu centres on European cuisine.

Crispin’s at-home boxes aim to create the same informal and sociable feel as the in-person experience with an array of food that’s easy to share and utterly moreish.

As there’s a keen focus on sustainability, ingredients are seasonal and therefore the boxes change monthly. The May feast, though, includes sourdough, cultured butter, fennel salame, burrata, leek and herb crumb alongside buffalo spinach and ricotta ravioli with baby gem and mustard dressing. To finish, it’s creamy vanilla cheesecake and rhubarb. Yum.

Crispin is also a bottle shop and works with wine specialists to create a small but well-curated selection of low-intervention bottles from around the world. You can opt in for a bottle of red, white or fizz to come with your at-home box, too.

Borough Market

Borough Market is renown throughout London as a foodie hub, brimming with hole-in-the-wall restaurants and stalls with best-quality produce.

Now you can get the magical experience of one of the city’s most exciting food markets at home, with a whole range Borough Market DIY meal kits via Good Sixty.

These kits are stuffed with premium products, many of which are UK-sourced, and cater for any time of the day. From the picnic box which contains olives, cheese and charcuterie to the pancake brunch kit with orange blossom honey, Glastonbury butter and artisan bread.

We particularly like the steak and cheese night for two box which has everything you need for a restaurant-worthy meal with a friend or partner at home. Think rump steaks from Northfield Farm Butchery, fresh vegetables, a bottle of Chateau Reynier Bordeaux 2018 Vintage red, St Felicien cheese and much more.


Carluccio’s has long been one of the UK’s favourite haunts for a big, warming bowl of pasta. And, after the year we’ve all had, there’s never been a better time for comfort food.

You can now get your carb fix from home with Carluccio’s meal kits which employ a ‘minimum fuss, maximum flavour’ ethos. There are three to choose from: the classic Penne Giardiniera with antipasti of homemade focaccia and olives the Caserecce picante, a spicy tomato pasta with Italian sausage, plus focaccia with nduja and burrata and the Funghi, featuring a creamy mushroom soup and Carluccio’s classic mushroom risotto.

Each kit comes beautifully presented in a gift hamper with a ribbon and easy-to-follow instructions and menu cards, to make the experience feel like even more of a treat. Plus, there are options to add on wine or ingredients like truffle oil at the check out, to make even more of a night of it.

Blacklock At Home

Blacklock, one of London’s most mouth-watering steak and chophouses, has launched a new hot delivery menu available across selected London postcodes – starting with Shoreditch, Wandsworth and Camden.

While it’s not possible right now to enjoy the restaurant’s cool, industrial feel in person, the team have done everything they can to help you create the same atmosphere at home. From the pared-back brown paper packing with fluorescent details, to the tealight and branded matches and bottled Old Fashioned cocktail to get you started, this is a great way to enjoy an evening in. And, when it comes to the food, let’s just say you won’t be wanting for more.

Portion sizes are generous and the quality is brilliant. Choose between an all-round feast, steak night for two, the ‘big chop’ for two or beef or lamb Sunday roast. While the meat is delicious, the Ceaser salad also deserves a shout out for being spot on, and don’t forget to smother everything in the Chop Sauce – we could have eaten it with a spoon.

The Ninth Made Simple

While you can’t visit the fabulous Michelin-starred restaurant The Ninth at the moment, you can enjoy this Fitzrovia haunt’s famous menu at home, and in a fuss-free way.

That’s right, the creators of this delicious restaurant kit have developed a process that takes less than 15 minutes to prepare and eat. So, you can enjoy high-class food but in a convenient way. Start with a vibrant Mediterranean salad and then choose between marinated sea bream, caramelised lamb neck or chargrilled delica pumpkin for the main event, with a divine chocolate fondant for afters.

This kit feeds two, very generously, and is available for nationwide delivery. You can also opt for a bottle of red or white wine from the restaurant’s cellar for an extra £25.

Tattu home box

Tattu is a family-owned independent group of Chinese restaurants spanning Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Edinburgh. Tattu’s sleek-with-an-edge style is a signature part of everything they do and while it’s not possible to go into restaurants right now, the at-home boxes have been created with the same flair.

Tattu is treating customers to monthly boxes, each one with a different delicious menu. For example, February’s box included Scottish aged fillet steaks, aromatic crispy duck rolls, asparagus spears, special fried sweet potato and Hangin Snakes Shiraz red wine. Plus, for each DIY kit sold Tattu will donate £1 to a local homeless charity.

The Tramshed Project

East London restaurant and coworking space, The Tramshed Project, has launched a range of weekend feast kits that are perfect for indulging at home. As the most recent venture from Street Feast founder Dominic Cools-Lartigue, The Tramshed Project promises to deliver deliciously fresh meal boxes for those missing their favourite London food haunts.

Curated by head chef Andrew Clarke, each kit caters for two people and features seasonal ingredients. Choose between the vegan and meat options, and get ready to enjoy meals such as whole roasted herb fed chicken and beetroot, celeriac and mushroom pithivier.

If you fancy something a little extra, you can add small plates to your feast (with ox cheek croquettes and burrata with blood orange on the menu, it would be rude not to!). And if that wasn’t enough, you can throw in a premixed cocktail to add to the occasion.


Lyle’s, the Michelin-starred restaurant from James Lowe and John Ogier has put together a specially curated selection of menu boxes, allowing fans of this acclaimed haunt to cook up signature dishes at home.

While all of the meal kits are delicious, the mid-week offering is a little different to the other restaurant boxes out there as it specialises in lighter, more casual meals which are great for weeknights.

The menu changes every few weeks but for an example of what you can expect to see, the current box includes cured, dried and grilled mackerel that is served with a preserved gooseberry condiment alongside xxtail Pithivier made with puff pastry, swede and radicchio. There’s also blood orange and olive oil cake as well as brown butter cake for your sweet tooth.

Please note: this product is only for London delivery.


Sujin is a premium Korean meal box founded by Sujin Mackellar, a Korean-born, Aussie-raised Cordon Bleu and Michelin-trained chef. Now creating meals in her Islington kitchen, this unique Korean dining experience is a sensory overload in the best possible way.

With every detail of Sujin’s menus carefully considered, you can create top restaurant cuisine from the comfort of your own home and with minimal effort.

Each Sujin box includes a main meal, designed for two, in addition to Bansang (a series of small dishes that are served alongside rice) and a garnish. Chicken fans, we have just the box for you - Sujin’s recently launched ‘KFC’ box, which comprises of crispy Korean fried chicken boa buns, a chicken and rice main dish and pear tarte tatins for desert. This is not your ordinary Friday night dinner.

Sujin offers complimentary delivery within Central London, fees apply to nationwide deliveries.


Patty&Bun’s sister brand Sidechick is all about deliciously-seasoned butterfly chicken that you can dig right into. Although the White City and Hackney branches are, of course, currently closed, Londoners can still get their fill of finger-licking fun with the DIY kit.

There are three to choose from including za’atar, piri piri or butter and herb and each one arrives pre-marinated and boneless, so you can just pop it in the oven.

The pack includes simple cooking instructions (including how to finish your dish under the grill for extra crispiness), as well as some herb yoghurt and hot pepper sauce to enjoy on the side.

Note: this kit delivers to London postcodes only.

German Gymnasium

German Gymnasium in London’s Kings Cross is one of the city’s must-visit spots. Voted the most beautiful restaurants in the world in 2016, it is famed for its staggering ceiling, pink leather seats and architectural staircases.

But, of course, it is most loved for its food. True to its name, the menu follows a German theme with highlights such as schnitzel and apple strudel. Well, you can still get this part of the experience at home and even sitting on your sofa, it’s an incredibly lavish way to spend an evening.

Choose between the schnitzel experience or the ultimate experience, both of which are available to be upgraded with alcoholic drinks. We recommend going the whole hog, as it were, and opting for the ultimate package as it includes three courses to replicate the restaurant experience. This includes a starter of smoked salmon potato rösti, a main of whole duck braised red cabbage, potato dumpling and duck jus and a dessert of apple strudel.

The Ginger Pig & SHUK Brisket Pita Box

Imagine beef brisket, lovingly braised for 12 hours with date honey, baharat spices and sweet red wine, which has been wrapped into a soft pitta, layered with cheese and finished with a big dollop of smokey mayo, delivered straight to your door to assemble when you please.

This is the creation of SHUK and Jamie of The Ginger Pig, who have come together to make a mouthwatering weekend DIY dish.

Each box includes: a set of instructions, a bag of cooked 12 hour spiced beef brisket, a pot of smoky mayo, a pot of pickled red onions, four cheese slices, a head of baby gem lettuce and four bespoke Shuk pitas.


Chef Lawrence Gomez is bringing his delicious African-fusion fare to the masses with a new at-home service. Those within the M25 can now order pre-cooked dishes ready to heat up from the celebrated PAPA L’s KITCHEN in Earl’s Court, with highlights including BBQ lamb cutlets with a side of Ma’s Benachin rice and butternut squash and ginger soup with coconut cream and pumpkin seeds, just to name a few.

Gomez spent 10 years working his way up to become one of the head chefs at Covent Garden’s The Ivy, before spending 18 months at Sexy Fish.

Since then, he’s channelled all of his efforts into creating a menu brimming with high quality, tasty dishes inspired by his Gambian heritage at his very own restaurant.

Expect fantastic flavours and succulent textures – this isn’t one you’ll want to miss out on.

Hoppers Cash & Kari

Hoppers is the boutique south Asian restaurant chain which has been delighting Londoners with its award-winning dishes and authentic style.

In light of lockdown, Hoppers has developed a new service called Cash & Kari which is inspired by the one-stop corner stores found in Sri Lanka and South India. With personality and playfulness, these ready-to-cook meals make dinner at home feel like an experience.

Meal kits can cater for two, three or four people with options such as lamb kothu roti, paneer kothu roti, and kalupol chicken, coming with delights such as homemade banana chips, mutton rolls, pol rotis, chicken rasa and their take on the all-time favourite dessert, the chocolate-coco biskut pudding.

The Yan Untethered

The Yan Untethered is known as one of the best places to eat in the Lake District but don’t worry, you can try its scrummy menu of comfort food wherever you are in the UK.

Everything is made from scratch (even the ketchup!), with every meal not only tastes amazing but is inspired by the farm’s history, on which the restaurant and rooms sits.

We particularly like The Yan’s delivery kits because of their themed options, which make a special night in a lot easier. For example, the ‘date night’ package includes a starter of slow-cooked potted beef brisket with Yan chutney (made from the vegetables grown in the restaurant’s garden) with sourdough toast topped with smoked cheese as well as a pork belly sharing platter with roast potatoes, pickled red cabbage, apple sauce made from their own apples and cider gravy. Plus, you’ll have to save room for the traditional sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and vanilla custard… and a cheese board with three local cheeses, our own chutney and Yan crackers.

These options can change weekly but there’s always something delicious in-store and you’re welcome to buy dishes separately, too.

Barge House’s Breakfast En Bread brunch kits with Gail’s Bakery

Although many restaurant kits cater to dinner time, we like that Barge House’s Breakfast En Bread kit is all about brunching. This neighbourhood eatery, based in east London’s Hackney, has breakfast dish available to order throughout the UK – and it’s something you won’t want to miss.

They’ve teamed up with Gail’s Bakery to create three types of ‘loaded sourdough bread rolls’ which are filled with typical breakfast foodstuffs, popped in the oven at home by you.

The Original recreates a classic Full English breakfast with oyster mushrooms, bacon, Barge House banger, spinach, egg and much more (it also comes in a scrumptious vegetarian option).

The Smokey Salmon takes locally smoked salmon from Chapel & Swan combined with crème fraiche, spinach, slow roast tomatoes and leeks before being garnished with dill, a squeeze of lemon and topped with an egg.

While the Au-Barge is filled with baked aubergine and aromatic tomato sauce with black olives, oyster mushrooms, vegan feta, spinach and finished with green sauce.

Chotto at Home

Chotto Matte is the luxurious Japanese fusion restaurant which mixes grill dishes and sushi, right in the middle of London’s Soho.

The restaurant is famous for mixing sleek interiors with a grungy Tokyo edge, as well as stand-out food, of course. Although you can’t have the full experience right now, you can order one of Chotto Matte’s restaurant kits so that you can whip up some of the menu’s delicious dishes at home.

Designed to give customers the opportunity to cook restaurant-quality food from the comfort of their own home, the kit includes five of the restaurant’s hero dishes, including the iconic Padron Peppers and Black Cod Aji Miso.

PASSO to go

Shoreditch-based Italian restaurant Passo has created a range of delicious DIY pizza kits allowing you to whip up mouth-watering pizza at home.

There are loads of options to choose from including spiced salami, smoked speck and portobello mushroom and a three cheese margherita.

The kits are available nationwide and can be delivered next day if ordered by 10am the previous morning.

BAO serves up contemporary Taiwanese dishes with an edge and even though you can’t go into the London branches right now, you can feast at home.

The Classic BAO made-by-you kit box contains six BAOs, 12hr braised pork, coriander, fermented mustard greens and peanut powder (pictured at the top of this article). Each box comes with instructions on how to cook and assemble.

BAO also has a vegetarian-friendly home kit option (pictured above) as well as pre-made BAO creations that you can simply heat up at home.


SMOKESTAK is a favourite among east Londoners, who flock to its Shoreditch site for slow-roasted meats in an industrial setting.

For those who can’t get a slice of the action in E1 though, chef and founder David Carter is firing up his wood-fired smoker and offering DIY bun boxes and smoked meats by the pound for delivery across London and nationwide.

All meat will be fully-smoked and cooked in the Shoreditch restaurant before being chilled and vacuum-packed for dispatch nationwide in a thermally insulated and recyclable box via overnight courier. Once it arrives, simply reheat and assemble using the instructions.

Weekly menus go live every Monday at midday until 6pm on Wednesday, so get your orders in quick as they often sell out. You’ll have to wait until the weekend for your meat though, as deliveries only happen on Friday night.

Dishoom's Bacon Naan Roll kit

Dishoom is the cult South Asian restaurant which has us all queuing down the street for a chance to bag a table.

Although Dishoom is loved for lunch, dinner and cocktails, there is one dish that gets touted again and again as a favourite: the breakfast bacon naan roll.

This at-home kit means you can have a bacon naan roll whenever you like (and skip those long wait times in the process).

It contains fresh ingredients straight from the restaurant including: smoked streaky bacon from Ramsay of Carluke (matured in the traditional Ayrshire way and smoked over applewood and beechwood chips), three naan doughballs (enough for two plus a spare for experimentation), tomato-chilli jam (their sweet, sharp, spicy signature sauce), fresh coriander and cream cheese.

There’s also some cooking instructions and loose-leaf Darjeeling tea, chai spices and fresh ginger slices for brewing Chef Naved’s much-loved Masala Chai tea.

Plus, for each kit sold, Dishoom donates a meal to Magic Breakfast which is a charity who provide nourishing free meals to schools.

Patty & Bun's The Meat Kit Box

Patty & Bun has got it down when it comes to delicious, juicy burgers – the kind that you’d think only a restaurant could whip up.

But, specially for lockdown, the chefs have put together easy-to-use and mouth-watering kits so that you can recreate the magic of their kitchen, in yours.

In each box you’ll find all the ingredients Patty & Bun use to make their burgers, all you need to provide is the lettuce and tomato. The contents includes two signature HG Walter beef patties and two Smokey Robinson beef patties, four brioche buns, a pot of Smokey P&B Mayo, cheese slices, and homemade pickled and smokey onions.

Classic Margherita Frying Pan Pizza Kit

Pizza Pilgrims have come up with a novel way of giving you your pizza fix while at home, with a frying pan version that you can cook in your own oven.

Choose between a Margherita or nduja pizza kit and you’ll receive two or four Pizza Pilgrims Neapolitan 48 hour proved dough balls with Caputo Flour from Naples, marinara sauce, fresh Fior Di Latte, extra virgin olive oil, fresh basil and parmesan.

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