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What to eat in August

What to eat in August

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Summer is in full swing, and as August arrives so does a new bounty of fruit and veg.

British blackberries, cherries and sweetcorn are all at their best in August. Put them to good use in these delicious recipes.


Look out for cherries at your local market or greengrocer from the end of July onwards – the best of the bunch will be ready in August, and will be firm to the touch but ‘give’ a little when squeezed gently. The flesh of a ripe cherry should come away from the stone easily – if yours aren’t quite there, let them sit in the fruit bowl a little longer to ripen. Enjoy them fresh, or try them in a batch of luxurious brownies.

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Balmy evening snacks don’t get much better than grilled sweetcorn with melted butter and sea salt. Away from the grill, try corn in a crisp Japanese-style omelette or hearty mussel chowder. Or, for a light August brunch, these cheese and corn pancakes are hard to beat!


Tart, plump blackberries are one of the greatest joys of late summer. As soon as you see them in the hedgerows, grab a bag and get picking! Put your harvest to good use in Jamie’s blackberry and apple pie – made extra special with a dollop of custard. For something more refreshing, make a batch of Karis Layne’s pale ale & blackberry ice lollies.

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