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Vegan Christmas dessert recipes

Vegan Christmas dessert recipes

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Make this Christmas extra special with our gorgeous collection of vegan puds and party dishes. With clever tips for replacing dairy in your desserts and serving up canapés the whole party will love (whether they’re vegan or not), these festive vegan recipes are the business.

Take a look at the Christmas vegan recipes below, or visit our festive vegan hub to discover the full collection of tasty mains, puds, starters and sides.

Vegan chocolate pots

These rich and romantic chocolate pots will wow your loved ones. Smooth, sweet and 100% vegan, this chocolate recipe is a keeper.

Happy Pear’s vegan cheesecake

This raspberry cheesecake is refined sugar free, and vegan. It tastes awesome!

Chocolate cake is a hit with everyone, so whether you’re vegan, or gluten- or dairy-free, this one’s for you.

Watch the video: Healthy Desserts For Christmas. vegan, easy paleo dessert recipes (June 2022).


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