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7 romantic dinner ideas for two

7 romantic dinner ideas for two

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Whatever the time of year, there’s nothing more romantic than treating your loved one to a night in and a home-cooked dinner. It’s easy to pile on the pressure and try something elaborate, but keep things simple and you’ll both enjoy yourselves (after all, it’s the thought that counts).

Here are some of our favourite romantic meal ideas to help set the mood.

Start your romantic meal-for-two in style with a vibrant pink cocktail. This recipe uses pomegranates, but you’ll also get amazing results from puréed peaches, rhubarb or strawberries when in season.

This romantic recipe is ready in just 10 minutes — a super simple starter, packed with the flavours of southern Spain. Serve with chilled wine and crusty bread to make it the ultimate Spanish experience.

A classic dish that combines perfectly cooked chicken, mushrooms, wine and thyme, this romantic recipe can be prepared in advance. It just needs popping in the oven when needed perfect for taking any last-minute stress out of your evening.

This beautiful rump steak with green pesto and Parmesan is the perfect showstopper dish. With only five ingredients and cooking in just 10 minutes, it’s the ideal recipe when you need to impress fast.

A great vegetarian number, the combination of soft, pillowy gnocchi with punchy blue cheese and sweet pear is guaranteed to sweep your loved one off their feet! If you really want to show off, check out our gnocchi recipe and make your own.

This smoky seafood dish will make your night sizzle. The addition of pomegranate provides sweetness, while the chilli adds a little kick. All in all, it has everything you need for the perfect romantic dinner-for-two.

Nothing beats a perfectly poached pear, infused with warming saffron and the light spice of cinnamon. Poach the pears the day before for maximum flavour, then just heat the syrup to pour over, serve with cream or ice cream and tuck in!

For more inspiration check out our dinners-for-two, or go old-school and find out the dishes than won Jools over.

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