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How to make sorbet, 5 ways

How to make sorbet, 5 ways

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Refreshing, packed with flavour and easy to make – a simple fruit sorbet has everything going for it!

Discover how to make sorbet using your favourite flavours and ingredients, and keep this handy recipe up your sleeve for dinner party puds, or a simple summer treat. At its heart, sorbet is simply a frozen fruit syrup, but you can ramp it up a level and include whipped egg white or even mascarpone for a creamier result.

Here are our favourite sorbet recipes:


The perfect palate cleanser, this recipe was originally written as an alternative to indulgent Christmas puds. But we think it works just as well at any time of the year! Keep it super-smooth by regularly breaking up the ice crystals as your mix freezes.


Want to know how to make sorbet from scratch in minutes? This is the recipe for you! It’s simply a frozen sugar syrup made with 10 fresh citrus fruits and infused with peppermint. Once you know how to make this sorbet, it’s sure to become a firm favourite.



The incredible colour of fresh plums make this a spectacular pud. This delicious sorbet includes whipped egg whites, which gives the frozen results a thicker and creamier texture. Make it in an ice-cream machine, then simply serve and enjoy!


A kinda cross between a sorbet and an ice cream, this zingy sherbet is lovely with fresh fruit. It has beautiful fragrant elderflower running through it, as well as a dollop of mascarpone cheese that provides the distinctive texture. Serve with raspberries.


Sweet and tart rhubarb sorbet with salty, crunchy brittle – these flavours and textures go mad in your mouth! We love the punchy pink colour or the sorbet, and the pistachio brittle is a winning little recipe in its own right.

Watch Anna Jones show you how to make this beautiful Strawberry & elderflower sorbet:

Feeling inspired? Check out our video playlist for puds, desserts and sweet treats, here.

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