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Wet apricot check

Wet apricot check

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In a bowl I put flour, salt, baking powder and mixed.

In another bowl I put margarine at room temperature, sugar, vanilla sugar and mixed the foam.

I then added one egg at a time and mixed well after each one.

Then add the lemon juice, yogurt and mix.

Put half of the amount of flour, mix, then add the other half of the flour, milk and mix well.

We cut the washed apricots in 2 and remove the seeds.

We stop 4 tablespoons of the cake composition, and we put the rest in a cake tray lined with baking paper.

Place the apricot pieces passed through the flour over the dough, then pour the remaining dough and spread to cover the apricots.

Put the cake in the preheated oven over medium heat for 60-70 minutes.

When it has browned slightly, we test it with a toothpick to see if it is done.

Let it cool, then we can powder it with sugar.

Good appetite!


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